Air picture from Kasnäs harbour      




1. This is the road that leads from the mainland to the Kasnäs harbour. The parking area that is reserved for Bengtskär visitors is slightly before this point, on the left hand side of the road.

2. The jetty from which the Bengtskär boats depart. If there are several boats leaving for Bengtskär at the same time, some of them might be docked at the next jetty.

3. Car ferry M/S Aurora's jetty. The ferry drives between Kasnäs and the islands of Hitis and Rosala, the time-table can be found here.

4. Kasnäs Paviljong. A Skärgårdssmak-restaurant that is a part of the Spa Hotel Kasnäs.

5. Kasnäs guest harbour.

For live-webcam over the jettys and Kasnäs guest harbour, click here.





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