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Fabio & Fabrizio with Paula Wilson 21.7.2005





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Kasnäs on July 10th 2005


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Updated 20.07.2006:


The scaffolds are gone, and the lighthouse stands more magnificent than ever, ready to endure the storms for the next hundred years. 


Updated 15.6.2006:


The 100-year anniversary festivities are happily over! The sea showed its power, but the breeze did not prevent the guests from landing on the island. The occasion was dignified and full of feeling. The President of the Republic Tarja Halonen was present and gave a speech to celebrate the 100-year old lighthouse.


Updated 5.6.2006:


This is not really lighthouse news, but archipelago tourism news: this summer there are nine cruises to the  Örö fortress island, four of these with Kasnäs Sailing Oy and the schooner Inga:

Friday 30.6

Saturday 8.7

Monday 10.7

Thursday 13.7

More information: Kasnäs Sailing Oy.


M/S Linnea sails five times during the summer, on Wednesdays:

28.6, 5.7, 12.7, 19.7 and 26.7. This cruise visits Bengtskär as well.  


Updated 3.6.2006:


On Friday 2.6 the auditorium in Forum Marinum in Turku was filled with lighthouse friends and experts for the Bengtskär 100-year anniversary seminar. On the same day the Bengtskär 100 Years exhibition on the Suomen Joutsen was opened for the press. At the press conference the Finnish Lighthouse Society gave “The brightest act of the Year”-prize to Paula Wilson for her work for the Bengtskär Lighthouse.

(Vuoden loistavin teko-prize, freely translated).


Press info 2.6.2006:


Vuoden loistavin teko – prize to Paula Wilson.


The Finnish Lighthouse Society has admitted the Vuoden Loistavin Teko –prize to Paula Wilson for her life´s work for the Bengtskär Lighthouse.

The prize was handed over to Paula Wilson at a Bengtskär seminar in Forum Marinum in Turku on Friday.


The prize is a reward for the previous years most important act to gain the protection of the lighthouses and lighthouse milieues. 

This time the Finnish Lighthouse Society wanted to reward Paula Wilson for more than ten years of work for the most wellknown lighthouse in Finland.


The Vuoden Loistavin Teko–prize was now presented for the third time. In 2004 the city of Raahe got the award for the restoration of their lighthouse, and in 2005 it was admitted to building master Ari Laamanen and architect Sebastian Lönnqvist for starting the restoration work of the Söderskär Lighthouse.


Updated 1.6.2006:


The summer season has started officially and the impressive Bengtskär-exhibition on the Suomen Joutsen in Turku is ready to be opened.


Updated 15.5.2006:


The scaffolds are in place and the restoration project can start!


Updated 6.4.2006:


On Monday 3. April a Bengtskär exhibition was opened at Turun Yliopisto, and a press conference was held at the occasion. The 100 year old lighthouse was mentioned the next day at least in Helsingin Sanomat, Turun Sanomat, Åbo Underrättelser and Hufvudstadsbladet.


Updated 15.3.2006:


Today the Ministry of Education published the following information:

"Minister of Culture Tanja Karpela has admitted 100 000 euros for the renovation of the Bengtskär Lighthouse tower. The most important part of the renovation is the renewal of the concrete seams of the tower.There are 3500 meters of seams to renew in the tower. The renovation will cost approximately 200 000 euros and the work will be supervised by the National Board of Antiquities.

The culturally and historically valuable Bengtskär Lighthouse will celebrate its 100th anniversery 2006. The celebration will be held 14th June. The ligthhouse was drawn by architect Florentin Granholmin and it was lit the first time in 1906 to provide the ships a safe passage on the route to the Hanko harbour. The lighthouse tower rises 52 meters above the sea, and is still the tallest in Scandinavia. At its best five lighthouse keepers with their familys lived on the island, and it had a school. The most tragic period in the history of the lighthouse was in 1941. It was the beginning of the Continuation War when the battle of Bengtskär was won by the Finns. 31 Finnish soldiers and 60-100 russian soldiers were killed in the battle.

In 1968 the lighthouse was automated and the lighthouse was left unmanned. Since 1992 the lighthouse is owned by the University of Turku, Centre for extension studies. The renovation was ready in 1995 and the lighthouse was opened for tourists. The lighthouse tower however, was not included in the renovation. Since 2000 the lighthouse is owned by the Turku University Foundation”.

The anniversary fundraising is proceeding well, but we have not reached the goal yet, so all donations are warmly welcome!


Updated 20.12.2005:


Bengtskär wishes all lighthouse friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Anniversary Year!


Updated 19.12.2005:


The lighthouse's "real" birthday; Bengtskär's lamp was lit for the first time 99 years ago today.


Updated 3.10.2005:


The tower is being inspected for the upcoming 100-year-anniversary reparations. 


Updated 21.9.2005:


The municipality of Dragsfjärd has granted Paula Wilson the cultural price of the year for her work with the Bengtskär lighthouse and Rosala Viking Centre.


Updated 14.9.2005:


The owner of the lighthouse, Turun yliopiston täydennyskoulutuskeskus, has it's 20th anniversary this year, and celebrates at the Kurala mansion today. Our representatives in the Bengtskär 100-year anniversary project, the lighthouse's hosts Paula ja Per Wilson, were among the invited.


Updated 2.9.2005:


A sequence of the German Hanseblick-program was filmed at the lighthouse, the program will be broadcasted on the German NDR-channel on Sunday, 18th September.


Updated 1.9.2005:


Yesterday was the last day of this year's daily cruises to Bengtskär. In September there will be charter transports to the lighthouse, and after the first weekend in October boat season ends.


Updated 21.7.2005:


Filming of a travel program. Fabio & Fabrizio is about two italian young guys who travel around in Finland experiencing all kinds of intresting summer happenings. Episode 1 of 8 will be broadcasted on MTV3 on January 10th 2006.


Updated 10.7.2005:


The parking area in Kasnäs looked unusually stunning today, as Porsche Club Finland arrived in more than 20 beautiful sports cars, with a calm sea and a sunny day at Bengtskär ahead of them.


Updated 7.7.2005:


The former Finnish President Mauno Koivisto made an unofficial visit to the lighthouse.


Updated 16.6.2005:


A church service conducted by archbishop John Vikström was filmed in the lighthouse's chapel, and will be broadcasted on Finnish YLE TV 1 on Sunday, 18th September.


Updated 1.6.2005:


The Archipelago Sights Route from Kasnäs to the Rosala Viking Centre and Bengtskär starts today and departs every day until the end of August. 


Updated 1.5.2005:


The season-opening went happily without weather-problems, this year's first over-night-guests will return to the mainland today.


Updated 22.3.2005:


There will be no daily helicopter flights for tourists this spring, but charter flights to Bengtskär can be arranged. More information from

Boat traffic for groups will start when ice and other weather circumstances allow it, in mid- or end-April.


Updated 3.3.2005:


Here You can find a slide show about Bengtskär's 100-year-anniversary project


Updated 5.10.2004:


Once again a big Thank You to everyone who visited us during the summer! The lighthouse closes its doors for the winter on October 9th 2004. Information on possible helicopter flights later in the winter, most likely in February or March, will be updated on this page.


Press release from June 17th 2004:

In 2006 the Bengtskär lighthouse celebrates its 100th anniversary. The highlight of the year is a big celebration on the 14th June. An international lighthouse seminar is held in Turku in the spring the same year, and a Bengtskär exhibition will be opened in Forum Marinum.

A renovation is planned, so that the lighthouse will be at its best on the celebration day. The most important part of the renovation is the renewal of the concrete seams in the tower. There are 3500 meters of seams that need to be renewed. The cost is estimated to about 200 000 euros, and to make this possible the Turku University Foundation will start a fundraising. The representatives for the fundraising project are Paula and Per Wilson, who run the tourist enterprise on the lighthouse island. The chairman of the Celebration Comittee is Eero Vuorio, chancellor of  University of Turku, the other members are Pekka Kanervisto, representative from Turku University Foundation, and Heimo Välimäki from University of Turku, centre for  extension studies and  the representatives Paula ja Per Wilson. Applications for state and EU financiation will be done in addition to the fundraising. Companies and private persons can take part in the fundraising by buying Bengtskär 100th anniversary products. All the profit will be used for the renovation of the tower. The products are a miniature of the lighthouse, a framed picture and a magnificent 3D work of art.

Apart from being a national monument, Bengtskär is a significant part of the tourist business in the archipelago and in the whole Turku region. It is very important that the lighthouse is restored, so it will stand for another hundred years. It is a point of honour for Finland to keep Bengtskär in shape, because there are no equal lighthouses in Scandinavia.

You can get more information about the project and the fundraising from Wilson Marin, tel. +358-2-4667 277.

The bank account to use if You want to contribute to the anniversary reparations of the lighthouse is 117330-423668. The receiver is Turun Yliopistosäätiö, message Bengtskär 100 years.

Updated 1.6.2004:

Bengtskär lighthouse summer season starts! The lighthouse is open for visitors every day from June 1st to August 31st at 10.00 am - 7.00 pm.

Updated 15.4.2004:

There will not be any daily helicopter flights to Bengtskär this spring, the situation will be re-evaluated in October when boat season ends.

Updated 9.3.2004:

We will have a stand at the Meri kutsuu - fair at Turku exhibition centre on March 12th-14th, You are very welcome to visit us there!

Updated 1.10.2003:

17 000 persons visited us at Bengtskär this year, and we wish to thank You all and welcome You back next year! The lighthouse closes its doors for the winter on October 16th 2003. Information on possible helicopter flights later in the winter will be updated on this page.

Updated 1.6.2003:

Bengtskär lighthouse summer season starts! The lighthouse is open for visitors every day from June 1st to August 31st at 10.00 am - 7.00 pm.

Updated 25.4.2003:

Amazing 360° Virtual pictures from Bengtskär! Taken on April 16th by Kari Koski from TriniMedia International.

Updated 24.4.2003:

Boat season starts! A warm thank You to all our helicopter customers, we plan to continue the flights next winter.

Updated 1.4.2003:

Every day until 30.4.2003! Helicopter round trip from Helsinkicopter.jpg (6914 bytes) and accommodation at Bengtskär, Monday-Thursday 245,00 €, Friday-Sunday 270,00 €. Start from Helsinki 12.15 and from Bengtskär 13.00. Flight time 25 minutes.


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